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My new post will not be here anymore.


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From today and now on this blog will permanently abandon.

All post and comment already migrate to my own domain.

Please visit my new blog there :d

Maybe this blog will still open but will just reblogging from my main blog.

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Grails And JqGrid

After Several time i didn’t post anything about programming, today i force myselft to fullfill my promise long time ago to post something about Grails and JqGrid. Before i write more techical thing i will tell U the story why i make a promise to myselft to write about this post. The story start long time ago when i have some project that use Grails and JqGrid. Backday i really almost frustated how to work with that two because very minim information on internet, so i make promise to myselft if i can use that two i will post it on my blog.

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yup it’s time to back to school

After struggling with some work last year I plan this year become my year to back to school, the dreams that I been dream long time ago and become one of my reason to leave my comfort zone in bali last year.

I realize going back to school it’s not a simple job after I lost all school privilege from my parent. Then I need some preparation to make my dream come true.

The most important thing I need to prepare my financial thing before I back to school so last year it’s become my saving year and meanwhile I prepare my brain to face admission test.

Finnally I meet this year and declare it become back to school year. I gathering all admission information from all top univ and make a plan to try all their test.

After several process now I declare myself as MM UI student and trying to make my dream come true.

Several time ago when I’m still researching all school I very difficult to find MM UI information from inside view (student blog, etc), now I know after I already inside this institution I thing why that happens because MM UI student mostly don’t have time to do some inside view write on blog etc as result of many task we have face everyday. And plus we have to really careful no break education ethic standard like not write link journal, case, etc which we get inside MM UI as a student. If we break that we have to face hard punishment.

So wish me luck. Maybe next time if I have time I will write some daily life exp as MM UI student

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Backend for flex, spring roo vs grails a very shallow comparasion

This backs day I somewhat have to research something about flex, after very shallow research I found there many stack to work with flex, and the most stable and fastest way to work with flex is with adobe blazeds.

Adobe blazeds it’s java framework and it’s common way to use it as integrating framework with java backend

Because I’m lazy to build java backend I need some ready to work framework stack that not fuzzy me with some foundation work and the candidate it’s 2 spring product, spring roo and grails

Because I already work with grails before then first choice its grails and spring roo become second choice, that before I research more and found that grails plugin for blazeds + flex 4 it’s not production ready still rc mode, then I move my eye to spring roo but I really dispointed again spring-flex for flex 4 in roo still on beta version too.

Ok then 2 framework have equal condition which there no stable release to work with flex 4, so to make myself go futher I think I will use roo, because I never work with that before

And the journey begin, all setting is done roo generate my code very effesiently and I am very comfort work with roo generator until the time I need run my code, in this time I lost my smile on roo because I get maven hell dependency management tool but still depend on high speed internet and I don’t have some like that. Using maven really kill me and I know that tool not for me.

So I have to back to the one and only grails, forgive me grails to lost my believe from u :d

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sosial networking ethic

This very long time since I post to this blog, don’t know what I do this back day but the result my blog become inactive :d.

Sorry if my english not so good, but I still have courage to post this in english.

What I want to share in this post about social networking ethic, don’t know with all of you I have seen something different with my contact in facebook.

Don’t know why now in facebook when I want look picture post of my contact/friends there many picture not related with their activity that want they share to all of their contact.

What I see most of the picture just thing which sale by the poster and many my contact is tag in there.

Don’t know if that break the ethic or not but for me that very annoying. When I want see the lattest picture from my friends/contact what I saw just this sale that sale. Are that not annoy anyone of you?

I not don’t like someone make bussines in facebook or many sosial networking sites. But can that do more ethicly like use market feature in facebook for example or any feature which provider give to help user create bussiness.

What I respect like what its done at kaskus. At there seperation between content and bussiness is clear. Bussiness done at “forum jual beli” and anyone who want get information from content just go to other forum and will not be annoy by sale sale sale thread. Its that more cool right?

So enough for this post please free to comment this, and from my deeply heart I relly sorry if this post not appropriate or not gramatically correct.

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Beres Beres HDD

Kaget juga nich, HDD segede apapun dah mau penuh aja. Padahal dulu dengan HDD segede 10 GB kayaknya dah puas banget. Memang dasar manusia-manusia gak pernah puas. Hmm harus dibuatin prioritas nich mana yang harus dibackup atau dipindahin. Hmmm, kayaknya nich foto-foto dah waktunya dibackup deh. Gila juga gak sampe setengan tahun di BALI foto2 selama disana dah mencapai 10 GB sendiri, Mantabs. Selama belum punya HDD eksternal khusus backup yang besarnya 1 TB kayaknya dibackup di DVD dulu aja deh. Ok happy backup dan burning for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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